7. Who should consider exploring a call to vocational ministry?

First, it is important to note that most Campus Cohort participants will not be considering vocational ministry. Most will be pursing personal enrichment and augmentation of their lay-service gifts and training. These folks are an important part of this ministry.

God calls men and women into vocational ministry at all stages of life and from all different backgrounds. So, it is not possible to determine a categorical profile. Seek him in prayer. Still, throughout history the Church has recognized that rising leaders often emerge from her ranks with the following characteristics:

  • They are within seven years of college or vocational training. Or, they presently attend a local university, artisan or trade training center and participate in one of our congregations. Identifying candidates in this life-stage offers the most promise for a life-time of ministry and, generally, engages them in a more malleable life situation than later in life.
  • They participate in ministry at a level that distinguishes them as lovers of Christ and his Church.
  • They exhibit influence among their peers at church, work or school.
  • They exhibit elements of Christian maturity and potential for further growth.
  • They pursue study of the Word.
  • The exhibit communication, relational and intellectual gifts suitable for the ministry.
  • They engage unbelievers with the Gospel.
  • They are inquisitive about the work of ministry and the Word of God.